Guangzhou Edition 
I am excited to share my entry to the HUAWEI Theme Design to you! 
Guangzhou is my home, the city is where I was born and grew up in. The culture of Yum Cha is my Sunday brunch with my family. I remember vividly that I "hated" going Yum Cha, because I'd have to wake up at 7 am to get good seats - then I would be happy again once all the dim sum is put in front of me! I also added a lot of elements of modern Guangzhou - the Canton tower, IFP, and the Rosewood building (I never knew what the official name is, but since Rosewood is up there, I call it the Rosewood building). 

Inside the 笼(lóng - the container for dim sum), there is also prints of “满洲窗” - a particular window pattern from the Guangdong area :) 

Hope you enjoy. 


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