Reunited with Friends (*these days)
For my entire undergrad in Canada, I was living on campus - and so were many of my friends. It was such a memorable experience that I shared with my friends.

The area that we stayed in was called UniverCity, and we call ourselves the "University Regiment" because we always hung out together, studied together, and went out for late night food together. We were all living 5-10 minutes walking distance apart from each other - if anything were to happen, we would never be alone.  Isn't that great?

Many of us came from across the globe and some went back home after graduation. Now, because of the pandemic, it is difficult to visit friends who are still living nearby - and not to mention the ones who are currently in Asia. 

I figure I'd draw some simple vector-drawings of them as a "Virtual Reunion Picture" because I miss hanging out with my friends and am looking forward to seeing them again. 
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