Photo Album 2020 Series 
This is the design for my 2020 travelling series. 

I have always wanted to create something simple yet filled with a lot of precious memories. That's what inspired me to design this photo book for 2020. Each color represents a different trip I took and how it impacted my life.

Originally, I had planned to make a unique design for each trip, but it ended up taking much more time than I anticipated. This made me hesitant to continue, which defeated the purpose of creating these books in the first place. Despite the current COVID-19 situation, I can't wait to give these books to my friends and family. Even though I'm stuck at home, it hasn't killed my creativity and I hope it doesn't kill yours either.
Stay safe! Drink some coffee and keep creating!

All pages were printed on Mohawk 100lb
All Rights Reserved. All images/design belong to Forest Li.

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