My friends and I created a YouTube channel for fun, for memory, and perhaps for learning also. I still remember we filmed in the empty lecture hall and edited until 5 am. The channel was originally named as "Straight Ties"(some silly name that we came up), and we changed it later on to "MuteSwan" (as the first music instrument was created using muteswan's bones? not too sure how we landed on this to be frank) to be more music related.

And we kept filming for the next few years - we made many videos of SFU, of Downtown Vancouver, of Europe, of the homes that we once lived in. Although no videos are visible now on YouTube, I still look at them from my flash drive from time to time, trying to re-live that craziness of a few college kids. 

From making a total silly videos to being able to film with some local bands from Vancouver, I still love filming. Creating script, working with the team, and many more. I miss it all. I think I am quite a nostalgic person, and thus I inject myself 100% when it comes to recording.
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