Sunset By The Ocean

This photo book is a tribute to my high school years spent in Nanaimo, BC. One of the most memorable experiences I had during this time was watching the breathtaking sunsets with my roommate Klara by the ocean near our home. These moments of relaxation and beauty are something I will always cherish.

In retrospect, my decision to move to Vancouver after grade 9 was a bold one. However, I would say that my move to Nanaimo was the real start of my journey. It was there that I met my first roommate, who became one of my closest friends. She opened up a new world for me and has been a constant source of support during difficult times. In high school, we used to dream of starting a coffee shop together, with her baking and me handling the rest. That dream is still alive today. And perhaps we would find a cozy shop by the ocean, by the shore of Hamburg. 
Before the pandemic, we would meet up once a year in Germany and spend time at her family's home, where I was always welcomed with the utmost hospitality. I miss those times greatly and can't wait for the day we can see each other again.

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